Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miracle on September 15th, 2011

So I have 2 miracles to write is that Im blogging again:-) and the other is our precious Hudson Brooks that made his debut September 15th 2011! I thought this was a great way to come back into the blogging world,to write about his day of birth! They say every single birth is different and now I can relate to that and say YES ITS TRUE! The day Hudson was born I learned so many things. What Im going to share with you today is how I faced fear eye to eye and how God had his big arms wrapped around Houston ,Hudson and I protecting us! Our son, Hudson Brooks, is a miracle baby!

So how can I shorten this to make it as brief as possible? Hmmmmm,I really cant, but I will try my best. The morning of September 15th ,2011 I will remember always....Houston and I got up at 4:30 am, got ready, smiled and giggled all the way to the hospital. We kept saying "oh my goodness, we are going to be parents today!!!" We talked to my belly telling Hudson that we could not wait to meet him. It was as if he was already here. Before we knew it we were pulling up to Holston Valley Hospital....I was a nervous wreck. With suitcases in tote we wheeled on in to labor and delivery and they set me up in a room with a sweet sweet nurse,I was at ease. They started my iv (which was the only thing that hurt that day) and the pitossin had started and was doing its thing! I started contracting immediately--- oh wait, these were pretty intense too! I was ready fothe epidural….STAN THE MAN came t o the rescue...he wheeled in that epidural cart and I was good to go! Didnt feel a thing.We had so many visitors that day....from Houston and my family to friends to coworkers...our room was filled with lots of love. My friend Brooklyn even brought Hudson his very on Birthday cake, it was so sweet. So to tell you how quick everything happened...I had the pitossin at 8:30 and by 11:00 I was 8 centimeters dilated! Everything was looking great and the nurse said I was about to start pushing---eeeek! So I was super nervous now. They had everyone leave the room and started to check me (beware, this is where the scary part comes in) Hudsons' heart rate had been between 130 and 140 all morning long....all of a sudden it dropped down to 60...yep, 60 and stayed there for 6 minutes. The nurse panics and tried calling for help 2 different times, no one came. Her and Houston turn me over to each side trying to get Hudsons’ heart rate back up and its not moving at all. The nurse then looks at Houston and I and says “He is not coming back from this one" (meaning his heart rate was not coming back up) Oh my. I was completely numb. For 9 months we had gotten to know our little guy. On every ultra sound his little heart was beating completley normal. I couldnt believe this.
I wish I could write and tell you the thoughts that were going through my head at this time. I look up at Houston and start to cry. Tears in our eyes, we immediately begin to pray. We felt Gods presence immediatley. Houston reassures me that everything is going to be ok, he is so comforting and calm...have I mentioned my husband is an amazing person? He was rock solid. In no time nurses come running into my room and start unplugging me and before I know it they are wheeling me down the hall. I pass by my family and friends and all I hear are the nurses screaming. I was terrified. They told Houston and I that we had to get the baby out immediately and so an Emergency C-Section would have to happen. They wheeled me into the OR and before I knew it I was being transferred from my soft comfy bed to a cold cold steel OR table. I didn’t like anything about this. Did I mention Houston was not allowed back? I was so scared, so sad. Everything was happening so fast and I still didn’t know what was going on with Hudson, is his heart rate back up, is he ok, is he alive? So many questions. Dr. Saunders came running in, and came over to me with the most calming voice. He said “baby girl, everything is going to be alright. His heart rate is back up but we have to go ahead and get him out now” …..he then said the most wonderful five words…”Get Houston back in here”. I was relieved. Would you believe it if I told you that in just 6 minutes Hudson was born? They started at 12:08 and at 12:14 we were holding the most beautiful baby boy. Just a reminder of what an awesome God we serve. He was in that room that morning and made us both the proudest parents ever. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH HUDSON BROOKS. Ok blog friends, I know I have A LOT of catching up to do! These past 5 months have been surreal! Here are some pics from that special morning.


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  2. I am so glad you back!! And I had the SAME exact thing happen with Presley!! Except I was in labor all day ( and they think my placenta was torn) heart rate dropped, I was rushed into an emergency c at 8pm ( got there at 7am) and It was sooo scary.. but, God was in it the entire time.. So amazing to see His hand on everything!!!Isn't being a mom the best gift ever!!! Congrats on that beautiful baby boy!! Now.. we need to see more pics, please mam!! :)