Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The "BALD" and the Beautiful

I wanted to post Hudsons' 6 month stats, well frankly because he is about to be 7 months! Seriously? Already? I feel like I just had the little fella! Houston and I have had the best time EVER over these past few months. Here are his "stats" and everything he is doing up to this point.
**He weighs 16.5 lbs and is 28 inches long**(He is tall and lean)
**Sitting Up**(even in his bed, wild)
**Waving Bye Bye to Da-Da**--this is our newest thing in the morning when daddy leaves, he curls his little hand down and opens and closes it, melt my heart.
**Clapping**--he loves patty cake!
**Favorite Food, Squash and Pears**
**Having convos with his daddy** Dad says "bah" and then Huddie says "bah",hysterical
**LOVES peek-a-boo**
**He rolls everywhere** he cannot wait to be mobile, me on the other hand, I want him to stop growing!!
**Playing outside** we could stay out there all day long and Hudson would be content!
**Gives Kisses**
**Still no hair**I know it will grow, anytime now, looks to be blonde. Oh what a little
heartbreaker he will be, blonde hair and blue eyes....hes a Houston Mini Me, no doubt...with his mommas hair color!
Hudson is such a sweet sweet baby, we thank the Lord everyday for this precious angel.

Have a beautiful day!!!

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