Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mama Mio - Preventing Stretch Marks

So the first time you get preggers you have no idea what your skin will do (and you won't believe how big your tummy can get!!!) So we hear it from day one - "Make sure you are using COCOA BUTTER everyday to prevent stretch marks" Well my mom went to Pea in the Pod to get me a few things and picked up these items for me while she was there. Talk about a product working....I have become passionate about these items! I have just a few more weeks to go and my skin is so soft and (knock on wood) not a stretch mark in site! I have a nightly ritual these wonderful products, they make your skin feel absolutely beautiful and so so soft! These products are definitely a must if and when you become pregnant! From the way it makes your skin feel to the smell of them....they are AWESOME!!! MAMMA MIO is the product are the few I use....
This is the stretch mark is heavenly!!!! You can use it even if your not pregnant!

This oil is incredible too...I usually put this on before I put the "butter" cream on!

And the name of this will make you laugh outloud...its called BOOB TUBE...yes, you heard me right. YOu can rub it all over your neck and chest...its wonderful too!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day....and if you have a pregnant friend...these are all GREAT GIFTS!!!

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