Friday, August 27, 2010

Where we call home....Christ Fellowship

“Christ Fellowship exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” And that is just what it does. When Houston and I moved to Kingsport we were so blessed to move in right next door to Greg Depriest…pastor of Christ Fellowship. I will never forget the day I met him and the weekend that followed. I was walking up the stairs, moving things into the loft and he was walking down the hallway and we stopped to chit-chat. We talked a little bit about where we were moving from, football of course--by the way he is a Mississippi State Fan-- and then I asked him about churches in the area that Houston and I could start to visit. He mentions Christ Fellowship, yes, just “mentions” visiting it. I asked him where it was and we were there that Sunday morning. We walked into this beautiful church and were immediately greeted by smiling faces, it was like an instant connection with total strangers. We then turned around to the “Holy Grounds” to get our coffee fix. We were then on our way in to sit down in the most comfortable, relaxed atmosphere ever. Candles were lit and voices from the stage glorified our Jesus Christ…there was a full band making the most beautiful sound. I smiled from ear to ear as I sat down and looked around at this place. It felt like home already and we had just arrived! So as the music came to an end a man walked up on stage and welcomed everyone to Christ Fellowship…my eyes were like deer in headlights. It was our neighbor, Greg Depriest, he is the pastor of this remarkable church! Now that’s a story I will never forget. He didn’t even mention he was the pastor…just invited us in. We became members of this church and it has made the biggest difference in our lives since coming to East Tennessee. Our church strives to create environments that encourage your personal and spiritual growth. Greg puts a lot of responsibility on the MEN in our church. The vision of MEN@CF is that “Every Man” is a servant leader in his home, church, workplace and community- I LOVE THIS. So as you can see, we Love our church family and feel so blessed to have met the Depriests’ and to get to live next to them for over a year. I will leave you with a pic of “vintage Greg” but don’t be surprised if you come to our church and he is sportin’ his cowboy boots and wranglers….You never know what you are going to get with him, that’s why we Love him so much.

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