Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 months down, 6 to go!

I cannot believe how the time has flown by. Seems just yesterday we found out that we were expecting. The first trimester was *** GREAT *** , Thank You Lord. I have learned to embrace the good and the bad that may come along with it. I continue to tell myself “Amanda you have a HUMAN INSIDE YOU” …Wow, what a surreal feeling this is.
So I have realized that when you become pregnant you invite ALL women into your personal life. You get advice from everyone…. Ladies, being modest is out the door! Here is an update on just a few things that have happened so far since getting pregnant. (I must warn you some of them are not pretty). I had a little bit of morning sickness in the 5th week and that was not a whole lot of fun to say the least. Im a pharmaceutical rep so my days consist of me driving in the car and being in and out of offices all day everyday. Well one day I had to run into Food City to grab a few things for a lunch that I was providing. As I walked through the deli section the smells set the gag reflex off…YES, I got sick in the grocery store! I know you are thinking, poor girl….but this was the 3rd time I had gotten sick in public (others were in a parking lot and doctors office).I have learned to put a toothbrush and scope in my glove box. It actually became comical for this time in my pregnancy. All I have to say is thank goodness for Zofran!!!I advise anyone that gets preggers to have your doctor prescribe this to you, it has been an absolute lifesaver for me. So that was one of the “bad”experiences that has happened…. as for the good…we have seen our precious Baby Mac on several ultrasounds and man is this precious baby is growing rapidly!? From gummy bear size to the size of a lime now is how our ultrasound tech described it best.
From This just a few weeks ago... Little nubs for arms and legs......

To currently this...
One perk about getting pregnant, is that you recieve LOTS and LOTS of books to read. They are extremely helpful!I must share with you a book that I am reading now, Mom and Dad sent it to me for Valentines Day. Its Jenny McCarthy’s book “BELLY LAUGHS”. She was a "role model" of mine growing up, and I just loved her Fun, Outgoing, Real personality as well as her sense of humor. She was constantly making me laugh. Well this book does not let me down..she hasnt changed a bit!!! Its an absolute hoot! If you are looking for a hysterical, very frank, rated "R" book to read and you are pregnant than I advise you to pick this up! Actually if you have been pregnant its still a very funny book. Its Jennys adventure of pregnancy and she doesnt hold anything back. I will be sitting on the couch laughing outloud and Houston will walk in and say what is so funny? I belt out…THIS BOOK!!!Now I may need to tell you, you don’t want to tell your hubby everything it says…I think I have spooked Houston a bit! Definitely a great read. So I must end this post by saying I am already starting to have cravings! One of my favorites is MASHED POTATOES from KFC…yes I know if you know me Im NOT a fast food person at all….but my sweet husband has driven me to KFC on numerous occasions. I cant get enough of those taters! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!
Now for a more shocking change that has happened to me over the past few weeks is my zero desire for Coffee! Starbucks stock is definitely going to drop over the next 9 months. I just woke up around the 4 week of pregnancy and could not stand the smell. If you know me, you know that I have been drinking coff coff since I was in the 5th grade(maybe that has something to do with my hyper behavior)...Anyhow this has been a tremendous change for my body, however a healthy one for BABY MAC.Dear Starbucks, Im sorry I will not be purchasing my tall black and white mocha from you for the next 6 months, I will return once I get my normal senses back. Love, Amanda

So I think that’s all for now, but don’t worry I will keep you updated on my pregnancy and wonderful married life. For now check out my beautiful husband. I sure hope BABY MAC takes after him..WOW!

P.S. No bump yet….post growing pics soon. In the meantime, When do I get to park in one of these spots????


  1. Bamanda I loooved Belly Laughs too!! It's hysterical. Glad you're pregnancy it going so well. Love you and miss you tons!!

    ps-i am so happy you have this blog :)

  2. I ALMOST got you that book, but I figured your mom probably got it for you! I knew you loved her growing up!!!

    Your post is so cute. Can't wait to see "bump" pics!!!

    Love you lot's!

  3. congrats! and welcome to the blogging world!!! your lovely pharma auditor!!! :) kara

  4. Girl, you park in that spot!!!!

    Love you bunches and hope to see you guys soon!

    Julie and TyTy!