Monday, March 1, 2010

My Newest Hobby---the Blog world!

Greetings everyone! I am so excited that I have finally entered the blogging world! I have had so much fun following blogs over the past year that I thought, I must become a blogger! One of my new years "goals" was to take up a new hobby....I thought what a great way to not only get to jot down all my crazy thoughts throughout the week but more importantly stay connected to friends all across America! I thought this was a great way to give you a little "glimpse" of what goes on in the McDowell Household up here in East Tennessee! As many of you reading this already know we are expecting our first child in the fall, September 17th is the due date! We are filled with joy, excitement and I wont lie...a little anxious and scared too. I am told this is all very common:-) Just to fill you in on the past few months, Houston and I got married down in Destin on May 3rd, 2009. It was a dream come true wedding and all the help we had from family and friends was truly a labor of love! Here are a few pics from our special day! Super Duper Special thanks to Josh Malahy for the remarkable photography! Please check him out if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding day, you will NOT be disappointed! Here is a little bit of his fabulous work!

And now on to the newest news....our newest addition making their debut in September. You will hear me refer to the baby as "BABY MAC"---No thats not what we are going to name the little peanut but since our last name is McDowell, I have so many friends that call me "Amanda MAC"...and I do not like the thought of calling my baby an "it"...just a personal preference. Ha! So just a little back story of when we found out we were preggers. It was back in January and I had a feeling I was, normal symptoms here and I went to the store and got not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 pregnancy tests! I know Im weird like that, as if the first 2 werent going to be accurate enough,right? So the test says that taking it in the morning is the best time to get the most precise results. So come Wednesday morning, January 6th I woke up at 5:45a.m. and darted into the bathroom to take the felt like an hour before the results came up (in real life it was about 1 minute, loooooongest minute ever) after I saw that we were pregnant I went running into our room and Houston was in the other bathroom brushing his teeth. I knocked on the door and he opened it with a mouthfull of toothpaste and I yelled at the top of my lungs...You are going to be a DADDY!!!! (Let me remind you that it's now about 5:50a.m. and Houston is barely awake) Before he could even wash his poor mouth out I jumped up on him and screamed just like the day he proposed to me! We then spent the next few moments sitting their in our loft in pure excitement asking each other questions and commenting on how much our lives are about to change. It was the most amazing feeling! So then came the moment where we had to tell our family and friends....I have been told over and over again to wait till the first trimester is over but being this excited there was NO WAY I could hold back. We decided that we would tell everyone through a picture. Sounds random right? Well we took a picture of a "Bun in the Oven" and passed this along to everyone....the comments we recieved back were priceless. Here is the pic....

Our mothers both thought we had bought a new stove at first. My father on the other hand thought I was making fun of him for eating to many hamburgers...oh the comments were hysterical! So this is all for now....I will close today by saying, it is an absolutley amazing feeling knowing that God has trusted Houston and I to bring a child of his into this world. We are ecstatic! Thank You for stopping by and taking a look into our beautiful life! Cant wait to share with you all the funny "preggers" story's along the way as well as the humerous "McDowellisms" that happen on a daily basis!Have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!

Love, Amanda MAC.


  1. Welcome to the blog world!!! I cannot imagine a better one to add to my list to read! I love you guys and think that you are two of the most positive and happy people I know. You always bring a smile to my face!!!


  2. So I drop by to check out your brand-spankin' new blog and what's don't get through the first paragraph of your very first post without mentioning me! You guys are so awesome! And I don't know anyone more deserving of the amazing blessing!

  3. Welcome to the blog world! I am so happy for you.. Being a mommy is such a blessing.. I know you will make a great one!!

  4. Love the blog! We are now bloggers!!! Love you:)

  5. Hey girl! Great to see you on here:) So happy for you and your little bun in the oven haha! My son is 2 and I can't tell you how wonderful it is having him and it has changed everything about my life 100%. Can't wait to read your future blogs!