Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Busy Bumble Bee!

Well these past couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! I feel like I have so much to catch ya up on. I will keep this one short and add some more later in the week. Since I wrote last I have a survived a lay off with the company…Praise be to God! What a stressful week that was...but as of now, I am still dealing drugs (legally) for Abbott!
I have also been quite busy with Junior League of Kingsport too. We had an event at a school here in Kingsport recently called “Kids in the Kitchen” where we helped to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles to children. It was an absolute BLAST and the kids had such a fun time! We had different stations for the kids to come around too….a Veggie Station, an Exercise Station, a Food Pyramid station, a Fast food station, and then I was in charge of the Trail Mix station and Fruit Face Station---to promote healthy snacks after school! Oh we had a ball with this…here are a few pics from the event.
Last week I was in DALLAS for training. I had never been there before and I must say I WILL BE RETURNING to this city! I was only able to venture around “Grapevine” one night and what a “swanky” little area this was. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Esperazas and then finished with dessert at the Melting Pot….look at this delicious dessert....The saying "Everything is Bigger in Texas" is TRUE.....PURE SWEETNESS-ZERO CALORIES!!!!They had a Crate and Barrell right across the street from the Melting Pot. Oh how I dream Kingsport gets one, ha, yeah right, you read how I said dream. I just love their contemporary furniture and housewares! Oh my wish list consist of this...Look at this beautiful patio furniture, cant wait to get a house. And these plates are just too adorable to pass up, Precious!

So for a quick preggers update I am now 15 weeks along! WOW, I will be halfway there in no time—man has it flown by! I went shopping a few weeks ago and there was a Motherhood Maternity shop at this mall so we went in just to “look”…well $250 later (OUCH)….I had some new preggers clothes! I know you are thinking the same thing I was thinking, “How will I know if they are going to fit me once I get my belly”? Well they took care of that worry for ya…they had a BELLY for me to try on with my clothes. Yes, a fake belly to velcro on around my tummy as I tried clothes on. It was absolutely hysterical! My friend Amy was with me and was able to capture this “fake belly”…..here are a few pics from the dressing room! We laughed and laughed and laughed!

This made it seem so REAL!!!!

And here is a Real Belly Pic at 15 weeks! The BUMP is starting to form! Now I am just waiting to feel Baby MAC move around. Everything has been great so far…Im getting my energy back, oh how I have missed my get-up-and-go "ooomph"!!! My wonderful husband got me a “pregnancy massage” that I am SO looking forward to getting sometime soon… Thank You Houston! Update sooner next time, I promise!!! So much for a short post:-)


  1. I am zero weeks along and my bump is bigger than yours!!! What a cutie tootie preggy lady you are!!!(and will continue to be!)

  2. You look great girl! Glad your energy is back up:) That first trimester really takes it out of you.

  3. awwww bamanda you are so stinkin' CAAA-UTE!!