Sunday, May 2, 2010

She's ALIVE, with a healthy heart!

I know I know I know...I have been so bad about updating. Let me hear it. I had this idea in my head that when I started blogging that I would do it everyday with no I need to be more realistic and commit to doing it atleast once a week!!!! We have had a wonderful April ----goodness has it been that long since I have posted? Well my computer decided it did not want to upload pictures from my camera anymore....I am still trying to figure this one out? But until then I have snapped a few pics on my phone that I am able to upload....soooo until I get my pics uploaded from my camera .... "fuzzy low quality" pics will have to do! Lets see where should I begin? First of all I will start with a pic of one of my precious nieces. This is my 2 year old niece Aubrey "cakes". This sweet angel fell off the couch last month and broke her tiny little arm. For you mamma's out there Im sure you have heard of "Yabba Gabba"...well she got so excited watching that and climbed up onto the couch and then fell off. Ouch that hurts me thinking about it. She is such a little trooper though...has not let this arm get in her way a bit! She will go around and say "Its Bwoke"!! I have more pictures of her birthday celebration that I will post once I figure out my picture upload dillema. In the meantime let this picture melt your heart!

So for a quick pregnancy update, everything is going great so far. Had a little scare at the beginning of the month with a few fainting spells but we got through these by the hardest. I knew your body "changed" alot when you got pregnant but goodness gracious, I wasnt expecting so many internal changes. I am still trying to work out and run but my body gets so tired, so easily! I will be running and say outloud " RUN BODY RUN". Its really amazes me the amount of energy your body uses when there is a precious baby inside you. Have I said yet how excited I am to meet Baby MAC? Ok Ok, So back to the "fainting spells" I was experiencing. I went to the doctor and since they were happening after I had eaten he knew it wasnt anything to do with my blood sugar being too low. He said the only thing he could think of is it had to be cardiovascular related. As most of you know I sell a cardiovascular drug and consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with the Heart. So when I hear the Doctor say that, the questions flood and he decides to put me on a heart monitor, just to make sure everything is ok. WOW, what an ordeal this was!!!! I had to wear a heart monitor for 48 hours and could not remove it....yes I know what your thinking, that meant, no shower (yuck), sleep with the device on and then get to try and cover it up as I work those 2 days! Oh what an unpleasent experience this was. Here is a pic I snapped to send to my momma...I had 7 stickeys total on me...4 across my chest and 3 on my sides....How attractive is this?

Now for the GOOD NEWS...there was not anything wrong! Just one of those things that come along with pregnancy. I told myself the day I got pregnant that I would embrace the good and the bad, so thats my take on this:-) As for the BAD NEWS....once I took the sticky pads off, I had an allergic reaction to the pads and those little square shapes from the stickys stayed on my body for 2 weeks!!!! Yes, as I said before this was not a pretty experience, but I EMBRACED IT!

So I will end with a happy note for now...I came home to this beautiful orchid the other day with the sweetest little note beside it---Yes, from Mr. Houston. As most of you know we live in a Loft downtown so low maintenance plants are the way to go! I learned that you feed orchids 3 ice cubes a week.... for whatever reason that really amused me?! So here is a pic of this beautiful plant along with the sweetest little card. Just a reminder of what God has blessed me with by putting Houston in my life.

Not sure if you can read the card or not? But it says "Happy Spring, Thanks for carrying our little baby"....goodness he is precious.
I have so many other things I can write and fill you in on...but until then...I saw this driving and it reminded me of my baby bump, ha! Yes I need to take Oprahs pledge of putting the phone down while I drive...but I saw this and had to snap it.

Next post coming soon...and it will have the 20 week baby bump pic in it! WOO HOO, Half way there:-) Have a wonderful Monday!!!


  1. Thank You so much!!! It was scary and just a dreadful experience! God is so good and this second trimester is SOOOOOO much better than the first! Feeling great! Have a wonderful week!