Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exquisite Asheville North Carolina...only 60 miles away!!!

So Houston and I have been living in Kingsport now for over year and Im sad to say, we have NEVER visited one of the most exquisite cities nearby....Asheville, NC. Im a little upset with myself that we havent driven over sooner. A few weeks ago we headed over for a day trip and WOW what a wonderful day we spent there together. Three words come to mind to describe this town:1.Eclectic Culture 2. Divine Food 3. Simply Exquisite. (Ok so that was 6 words instead of 3)

Our day started off with brunch at TUPELO HONEY . This place was recommended by many and it did not let us down....check out the pics from our delicious brunch...

We then walked around the downtown area for a bit and found lots of neat stores to wander in. From unique arts to outdoor stores, (which Houston loves) to precious clothing boutiques, they have it all in downtown Asheville. They even had an URBAN OUTFITTERS...if you dont have one nearby you, they have a website, check them out. After walking off the food we ate we headed over to the Biltmore Estate. Even if you are not a history buff there is plenty to do at the Biltmore. They have a winery, wonderful restaurants, and over 8,000 acres of land for horseback riding! I could go on and on about this place that helps you escape from our everyday activities! We were there to tour the "house".....let me rephrase that, the castle! It was absolutely AMAZING! Just a few fun facts about this place...

It was built in 1895...took 6 years to construct. It was opened in 1930 to public to help during the Great Depression.
The Biltmore is 175,000 square feet---yeeeowzers! It is the largest privately owned home in America.
Has over 250 rooms and a indoor 70,000 gallon indoor pool.
Just look at this place..UH-MAZING!
Since we couldnt check out the winery, we opted instead for ICECREAM - YUMMY!
Goodness I can go on and on about this amazing place...but you will definitely have to check it out for yourself to experience the time we had! If you are looking for a weekend trip this summer, consider Asheville, you will not be disappointed!
Oh and one last thing, as we were leaving Asheville I noticed we were headed down "McDowell"street...I had Houston pull over so I could snap a pic..I know, Im a dork:-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I didn't know you guys were that close to Asheville! We've been meaning to get over there from here in Charlotte- I'll definitely take all of your advice when touring!!