Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am IN LOVE with the jewelry line: WAXING POETIC! Houston and I live in loft above a boutique that carries this line---I think it illustrates Beauty!!! On that note, beauty, let me introduce you to one of my besties Lauren.
I know shes an absolute doll isnt she? She lives in Jackson Mississippi with her hubby Matt and is absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out. The other day I get home from work and I had the sweetest surprise in the mail---Lauren sent me a waxing poetic charm! And can you guess which one? The silhouette boy charm to represent our unborn precious boy, Baby Mac!!!! Look at this adorable charm!

I couldnt wait to show it to you guys because its such a sweet thoughtful gift for friends that are expecting or even for grandmas! If someone around your town carries this line I would say give it a look...its so unique and vintage.
Hope you have a HAPPY THURSDAY:-)

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  1. That is sooo crazy Amanda, because I looked at this jewerly just this week!! I found a place here in Ohio that carries it too, I just couldn't decide on what charms I wanted.. SUPER CUTE!! Such a great gift! So happy for you girl!! Can't wait to see this sweet baby boy!!