Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jack and the Bean Stalk and Little Boy Blue

Hello blogger friends! I know its been a while and I have a lot to fill you in on...why do I always wait so long? As I was sitting here contemplating what to write I looked down and saw my growing belly and it reminded me of the old fairy tale...Jack and the Bean Stalk....why?
Well because after the "magic beans" were planted, the bean stalk kept growing and growing and growing. Thats how I have felt over the past few weeks...the belly has began the growing process! Here is my 20 week pic.....bye bye waist line helllllloooo Baby Mac:-)
So a few weeks ago we had the sweetest surprise...my momma and daddio came in town and surprised us the day before we went to the gender ultrasound! Yes, they came in from Memphis and were able to go to the appointment with us to find out what Baby Mac was! Here is a pic of my sweet parents...Mimi and Poppy! They are such precious people! This made my weekend and made the appointment that much better to have them there.

As we went into the ultrasound room I was so stinkin anxious! I couldnt believe how fast my heart was beating. I kept telling myself to calm down, but I couldnt, it was crazy how I couldnt wait to find out what we were having. As I layed down and looked up at the screen all I could see was our sweet baby moving around and around...it was uh-mazing! You just sit there in amazement thanking God for this beautiful life, this gift that he has blessed Houston and I with. So as I wiped my face dry and came out of the daze I was in Pam, our ultrasound tech scrolls between the legs of Baby Mac and then before she could say anything Houston and I screamed at the top of our lungs...Its a BOY!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Our son was a little exhibitionist, fully exposed! My parents were so excited for us...he's the first grandson! Now, as most of you know, I strongly dislike hotdogs---I mean with a passion they gross me out...but I must say, once I saw this "hotdog" it was Love at first sight!!!
I will post better ultrasound pics later, our scanner will not scan all of them in for some reason...this is actually one Houston took from my phone off of the monitor. We didnt realize this was a "full anatomy" ultrasound and we were going to be able to see everything at this appointment, it was the neatest thing ever. We saw his little bones, his face, his spine, his hands, his tiny little foot, and the most wonderful part, his teenie tiny little heartbeat!!! Again just a reminder of how God has trusted Houston and I with this tiny human being. Talk about perspective. Thank You God for blessing our lives already.
Well thats it for now---we have been in and out of town a lot lately and I have lots of pics to post from recent trips..so I will get to those soon. I hope you all have a wonderful week:-) Now on to the name game.....oh this should be fun!
Amanda MAC


  1. We love that baby mac so much already!!! So happy that you are having a good pregnancy.. I can't even see a bump. Looks like some rockin' abs to me:)

  2. Congrats! Boys are so much fun:) They love their mamas!!!

  3. The ABS are GONE B!!! Leighanne I have heard that those sweet boys love their mommas!!! Cant wait to meet this booger bear!